Remi Wolf reimagines “Hello Hello Hello” | Vevo DSCVR at Home

Vevo announces the release of Remi Wolf’s DSCVR at Home performance of “Hello Hello Hello.” Vevo DSCVR focuses on the development of emerging artists, through performance content and careful curation. Vevo has a long history of helping emerging artists break through to new and wider audiences. Past alumni of Vevo’s DSCVR series include Billie Eilish, AB6IX and Kiana Ledé. Vevo is committed to working with artists at an early stage of their career to create unique content that brings their music to life visually and provides exposure to new audiences through the platform. 

Agusta Yr directed the visuals for the majority of Remi Wolf’s I’m Allergic To Dogs! EP, the follow-up to her debut EP You’re A Dog!. It transports you to a prismatic, whimsical alternate reality, surrounded by an army of colossal Remis that may smother you to death. I’m Allergic to Dogs! will throw you into a solo dance party without even knowing it. The sophomore EP features Remi warmly singing about shaking off a failed relationship over sanguine soundscapes. She flexes her vocal prowess on “Disco Man,” while the impressive harmonizing on “Down the Line” proves she’s been doing this for a minute.

While comparisons to the vocal grooves of the Jackson 5 and the whimsy of Tom Tom Club may come easily, Remi’s style of modern pop competes with some of the biggest names in music today but remains solely her own.

“Hello Hello Hello” is now streaming on Vevo. Keep up with exclusive content from artists all over the world on

ABOUT VEVO: Vevo is the world’s largest all-premium music video provider, offering artists a global platform with enormous scale through its distribution partners. Vevo connects artists with their audience globally via music videos and original content, working directly with them to find unique ways to bring their music to life visually. Vevo also works with emerging artists, providing them with a platform of global scale and reach, to find and grow their audience. Reaching 26 billion monthly views globally, Vevo has over 450,000 music videos in its catalogue.

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