Da Poloman And Sara Alavi Release Emotional New Single

Da Poloman

Da Poloman has enlisted Sara Alavi for his latest release ‘Love At First Sight’, and the decision is paying off massively. Furthermore, combined, the pair mesmerise with quality, and they leave a long-lasting impression with a sound which excels in reliance.

Kicking off the new release is a dreamy intro opener. It comes with a synth which gets the emotions flowing, and the mesmerising lead vocal from Sara Alavi adds even more fire to the flame. Sara proves why she is one of the greatest pop vocalists of recent times, and even the sternest of listeners will agree that she has a captivating quality.

Da Poloman, who hails from New Jersey then springs forward with just as much conviction. He raps bars which flow effortlessly. His approach to rap is out of the box, and I enjoy this. Also, not only does he sing with meaning and from straight from his heart, but he relates with the COVID generation with a performance which will have you hooked.

As the track progresses, more sounds emerge, but as a whole, the instrumental stays relatively condensed. Does the track need more oomph? Probably not because it does what it needs to do. Also, it keeps the emphasis on the vocals. Additionally, the focal point in a track like this should never be on the foundation.

Overall, ‘Love At First Sight’ is an emotional piece which gets its message across conspicuously. For me, the best tracks in hip hop are those where you can genuinely feel the predilection and by heck does this evoke emotion. So much so, I will be coming back to this track for a long time to come.

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