Jameel Mason Smashes It On ‘Quarantine Mami’

Jameel Mason is back with his new track ‘Quarantine Mami’. It is a release which sees the New Jersey star team up with female vocalist, Alix Ford and the pair prove they are leading the way for Hip Hop.

‘Quarantine Mami’ is a post lockdown release but it does not arrive as you may expect. Furthermore, the single is more a letter of appreciation with both sides of the story being present. It starts with Jameel getting his strong message across. He craves for more time with his lover and given the home lockdown we are all facing, it is easy to fit into his shoes. His lyricism is out of the box, and although vocally, he does sound similar to the greats in this field, he does prove he is not just a top-class rapper but also a potent storyteller too.

Alix Ford is a breath of fresh air on this track. She sings with an angel-like tone which makes ‘Quarantine Mami’ the hit it is. Her vocal glides through with confidence, and she adds even more depth to the already bold sound. For me, I enjoy how she relays the message back towards Jameel because, in the majority of songs, we only ever hear one side, usually that of the lead vocalist.

Musically, it boasts a dancehall vibe. The beat also comes with a Latin texture with a fast clapping arrangement. Additionally, the bass and synth flourish with it driving the track forward from the very start. Also, it switches up often with the pace regularly increasing before taking us back down to earth.

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