CHH Artist Israel the Poet Releases “Robed in Light”

Israel the Poet is a Gospel Hip Hop artist who fearfully writes all of his songs putting God first. He authentically loves Jesus and not afraid to say the mighty name in his music. The goal of his music ministry is to present the truth of God to the masses. His lyrics are passionate and sharp! Furthermore, his lyrics are biblically accurate which may not be pleasing to the ears of those who only cherry pick ear pleasing biblical verses. Israel the Poet is thorough through and true with the biblical message of love and judgement! God is love and He is also a consuming fire. Israel the Poet is also highly concern for the persecuted saints and his music is watchful for the return of Christ Jesus our Lord. Be ready to enlighten your spiritual ears.

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Israel the Poet – Strongest

This is an amazing lyrical story telling display that shows the hierarchy of the elements and false gods of the elements from iron to wind to death. I’m not going to spoil it for you before you listen. Wait for the ending.

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