Montreal’s Ambient Pop Artist Jey Flores debuts EP “Where I’m Supposed to Be”

This singer-songwriter is the voice of feminine strength and resilience, in the face of adversity. Inspiring others to be their best selves, Jey’s debut EP hopes to spread a message of self-love, courage, growth, compassion and confidence for all who seek their own self-discovery and empowerment. Listeners can expect to relate to many of her tales, while immersing themselves in every emotion that is derived from the lyrics and music. A combination of ambient pop/electronic sounds keeps the mood and energy of this record dynamic, climactic and engaging. Catchy hooks, smooth and soulful vocals, and lyrics to pull at your heart strings – this is an EP not to be missed.

“’Where I’m Supposed To Be’ is a chronicle of my journey of self-growth. Inspired by relationships I experienced, and finding inner peace in a relationship with myself… it’s an emotional and gratifying ride. This EP embodies a person who has learned a lot of lessons, and chose a path of self-love, strength, confidence, compassion and mindfulness. I’ve had listeners tell me the songs helped them get through their days… which is the reason why I write my music”.

Jey Flores

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