Thomas Cole And Nathanael Hall Release ‘Free Fallin’

Thomas Cole

With the release of their new track, ‘Free Fallin,’ Thomas Cole and Nathanael Hall are presenting an undiluted pop energy that is wrapped in a dance beat. For anyone who is craving dancefloor intensity combined with a gripping story, the latest release from the artists located in the United States checks all of those boxes.

‘Free Fallin’ is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt the need to compromise their own sense of self-worth in order to fulfil the needs of others. Also, Thomas talks passionately about the need to prove yourself to others, especially to those who might not be quick to praise you, and he does a great job of it with his play on words. In the same way, Nathanael adds to the emotion and story with a wonderful first performance, giving more life to a production that already has a lot going on.

The song changes as it plays over the speakers, and it has a lot of different styles that can satisfy many listeners, no matter what kind of music they usually like. It is for this reason that it won’t come as a surprise to see this one rocketing up the music rankings over the course of the next few months.

You can listen here.

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