Melanie MacLaren and Lorkin O’Reilly Release ‘Tadpole Emporium’

Melanie MacLaren

The new EP, ‘Tadpole Emporium’ features a collaboration between Melanie Maclaren and Lorkin O’Reilly. The sincere delivery demonstrates the rising musical ability on both the American and British sides of the pond. Mel, from the United States, and Lorkin, from Scotland, are a combination that is destined for success, and they merge their talents and efforts to create an EP which is full of delight!

The EP has a total of four songs, and it starts off with a song called ‘Clearance Aisle’. This song is a release that speaks for the many with numerous references to difficulty and heartache. In the overture, Lorkin gets the performance started, then Melanie welds her tones into the production in the middle section.

In the song ‘King Kong’, which has an air of traditional folk music, there is a new vibe that flows through the drums. Both singers sing in sync with one another and word for word, echoing a spellbinding tale about taking chances in life and going with the flow, even if it’s impossible to predict how one’s actions will turn out in the end.

The third track on the EP is ‘Sleeping With Headphones’, and it begins with an acoustic guitar rhythm that prepares us for the rest of the voyage. Then, Melanie captivates with her charming vocal, which is on par with the greatest in the game. The final track on the EP is ‘My Idea’, and its pleasant atmosphere satisfies our hunger and further strengthens the memory.

You can take a listen here.

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