Untold Poet Vents On ‘Don’t Understand’

Untold Poet

Essex rapper, ‘Untold Poet,’ rises out of the British hip hop underground and he fastens his message tight with a story of truth and realism. Also, he expands his reach even further than Hip Hop, with plenty of sounds accompanying his mix, which produces something for just about everybody.

‘Don’t Understand’ kicks off with Untold Poet outlining why he has dropped such a poignant release. He says ‘I just need to vent’, it proves that this is his way of getting what he feels most strongly about off his chest and he does just that as the track progresses.

His rap bars are infectious, and he influences with a style which is difficult to refuse. Also, he opens up a thought process that many do not think about regularly, especially those who do not see the struggles that so many people have to deal with daily.

Despite the somewhat solemn yet heartfelt lyrics, the music is quite the opposite. The instrumental is chill with a feel-good rhythm that props up the track and gives it the warmth it needs. Also, the array of sounds which leap from the mix provides a zest which keeps the energy flowing from start to finish.

The experience is captivating, and it is revitalising to hear Untold Poet’s sonic palate. It is also more than just a hip hop release; it is more of a ‘we need to act’ expression that speaks about the world. It is not preachy either, which is often a formidable challenge for rappers who express themself so intently. Instead, it is real, and there is no exaggeration for effect either.

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