Camille Abordo Intoxicates Us with her New Video “Like Dat”

SoCal-based pop futurist artist Camille Abordo returns after the success of her last release “In Your Face” with a new catchy song and video “Like Dat” out now.

“I truly hope listeners vibes are transformed by the energy of confidence that went into the making of the song itself, cus when you like it like dat, you’ll get it like dat!

Camille Abordo unveils the music video for ‘Like Dat’, as the third single from her forthcoming new album, ‘CREATRiX’ which is on track to be released later this year and according to Camille is a “futuristic pop love letter to rebels, lovers and dreamers” like her.

“Like Dat” produced by Emmy-nominated 2D P30PLE and vocally produced by Camille herself blends pop, hip hop and electronica with Camille oozing rebellion with her oneliners and anomalous tone, eventually descending into a synth-infused euphoria.

“This song was designed to empower listeners to vibrate on a higher frequency and discover their own confidence. Much like I did, when in the moment, I achieved the state of mind of being free from doubt after liberating myself from an abusive relationship.”

Camille Abordo

Directed by Shelby Parks, the visual takes viewers on a trip from a self-isolating Alice’s point-of-view after she ingests C-247, a psychedelic substance of unknown origin.

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