Josh A Releases ‘Painless (The Remixes)’ EP

Rising singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Josh A has announced today’s release of PAINLESS (THE REMIXES), comprising all-new remixes of his acclaimed new single, “Painless.” The three-track collection includes dynamic new versions reworked by such luminaries as Dutch DJ/producer Arcando, GRAMMY® Award-nominated production duo SMLE, and Bordeaux, FR-based producer/DJ Coopex. PAINLESS (THE REMIXES) is available now at all DSPs and streaming services.

The original version of “Painless“ is the latest in a series of Josh A’s multi-million fan favorites. The song premiered earlier this year and is available now on all streaming services.

Hailed for his malleable hybrid of hip-hop, rock, and electronic music, Josh A has quietly amassed more than 720M worldwide streams and over 202M video views, all while still under the mainstream radar. Songs like the powerful “Pain” appeal directly and unapologetically to the heart, boasting an enriched emotional core that bleeds hard truths between guitar melodies and 808 slaps. The Orlando, FL native began writing, producing, and recording his own multi-faceted music at just 14, earning millions of online views and a growing fan following as he developed a unique creative voice at the nexus of cloud rap, alternative rock, and bedroom-born electro. Josh soon unfurled a striking series of breakthrough anthems, including “Suicidal Thoughts” with iamjakehill (earning worldwide Spotify streams just under 100M), “Pain” (41M), and “Fearless” (22M), all of which further inspired hundreds of thousands of fan-created TikTok videos. A self-described “workaholic nicotine addict with very high highs and very low lows,” Josh spent much of 2019 selling out shows across the country, all the while struggling with a worsening battle with addiction ultimately chronicled on two extraordinary albums, 2019’s Disgrace and 2020’s You’re Not Alone. Having made it through to the other side, Josh was determined to create “feel-good music that can touch more people” and set to work alongside engineer/co-producer Andrew Wade (A Day To Remember, Wage War) to widen his already expansive sonic palette. 2021 has now seen the arrival of such soaring new tracks as “In California” and the aforementioned “Painless,” with more extraordinary and original sounds still to come. “I want to write timeless songs,” Josh A says. “The main goal is to make music that lasts a while. I hope this music can speak to any decade.”

Stream/Download here.


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