French Polynesian Model Silk Reveals Debut Single “India”

India” is the debut song from the French Polynesian model Silk Motyl produced by the object wizard Kaky. A tasteful blend of organic-indie sounds and urban beats supported by rich vocal harmonies thanks to Silk’s dulcet tone.

Between deprived neighborhoods and heavenly beaches, Silk is the result of a crossbreeding of origins and experiences from all over the world. A blending that is present in her music, with a pure voice and harsh words to tell us stories no one could guess.

Silk is a “I” made of “us”, a personality built over the roles and characters she endorsed and tamed in order to better express the essence of what makes her alive.

She became independent thanks to modelling, which she started as a teenager. Since then, the young girl from Lyon and Polynesian by adoption never stopped growing up by having fun reinventing herself through various characters we ask her to embody.

From suburbs to gildings, Silk explores and understands that being herself is to be several at once, that few would have put together.

Caught up in her love for music and words, the artist has now decided to choose her own roles and characters and she invites us to discover the universe she independently draws and lights up thanks to her multiple facets.

India”’s lyrics are a pill for self-esteem boost, with a little touch of insolence. It pictures the proudness we might feel when overcoming a contingency. One-of-a-kind music video goes with the single, reveals her world and attracts our curious and dazzled eye

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