Nadia Vaeh Releases Benefit Song “Never Leave the Basement”

Nadia Vaeh released her new song which tells the story of the struggle we face as society inundates us with billboards and ads everywhere telling us how to be happy or look. The social anxiety perpetuated by societal systems and social media has altered the lives for so many, including myself. Too many people are underpaid and living off credit and kindness in a world that demands more, better, prettier, faster, etc. This sentiment is expressed in the opening lyrics of the song: “Advertisements scroll like pavement, max us out like credit cards, don’t pay them”.

A portion of the proceeds of this single will be donated to to AKFSA – Andrew Kukes Foundation for Social Anxiety, an organization dedicated to educating social anxiety sufferers, mental health professionals, family and the general public about the diagnosis and treatment of social anxiety disorders. 

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