VH1 Black Ink’s Ceaser Says “I’m No Abuser”

Founder of VH1’s Black Ink CrewCeaser Emanuel held a press conference on May 20, 2021 in New York, NY to address the lawsuit he recently filed to end defaming statements made on social media by his daughter’s mother Crystal Torres. Ceaser was joined by his attorney Walter Mosley of Los Angeles-based law firm Mosley and Associates, specializing in the representation of high-profile celebrities.

Ceaser Emanuel is a tattoo artist and star of VH1’s Black Ink Crew (BIC). Even as a significant American reality television personality and a businessman, he still works as a talented tattoo artist and the owner of his NY-based tattoo shop, “Harlem,” which is featured on the Black Ink Crew show. Ceaser has touched millions of people with his work, garnering over 2.4 million followers on Instagram.
The BIC lead only sued Crystal Torres for repeating and elaborating the claim that their 17-year-old daughter Cheyenne made in January that her father pulled her out of the shower and beat her. Ceaser has explained that the statement is a lie and that he merely disciplined his daughter by taking away some of the things he bought for her. Now he’s taking legal action, filing a lawsuit for defamation against Crystal for publicly asserting that he was a child abuser.

“I am concerned for my daughter Cheyenne; her mother has corrupted her. I would do anything in my power to have my daughter back in my life. She is the sole heir to my Black Ink empire. I am nothing without her, and I miss her by my side. I have been dealing with this family matter for a while. And every time I feel like I am getting somewhere, I am being shut down and pulled away from speaking with my daughter directly…Everything I’ve built has been for my daughter,” Ceaser explains.

Crystal went on a social media rant on Monday sharing the “lies” she claims Ceaser is spreading. According to his lawsuit, Ceaser says that’s just one example of her defaming him, which he says ruined his rep and cost him a lot of money. The suit states that many of Crystal’s IG posts and interviews are inflammatory and false. Ceaser explains that he provided Crystal a letter from the GA Fulton County Dept. of Family & Children Services clearing him of any abuse charges. Despite the evidence provided, she has continued to smear his name on various online platforms, which resulted in lost endorsement deals and having to put his massive VH1 reality show on pause due to an internal investigation. Additionally, it halted his volunteer work with the community and underserved kids as people falsely assumed he was guilty of abuse.

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