Jbwai Emerges With ‘Busy Body’ Remix


Jbwai has given his smash tune ‘Busy Body’ new life. In addition, the hip hop legend links up with Ko-c for a summer remix. The song is an instant foot-stomper, with a slew of fascinating sounds emerging from the ether as it develops.

Jbwai, who takes the lead vocally, excites the senses with a feel-good flavour that sets him apart from his peers in the game. Nonetheless, it would be wonderful to hear him change the vocal melody’s structure as the tune progresses. Furthermore, while incredibly catchy, the lead hook does not alter much and could have benefited from a few tweaks.

The music in the background of the tune is intriguing, and the beat is challenging to ignore once it gets rolling. It has an Afro-pop feel, yet it isn’t too far from the rhythms of the commercial top 10 charts. In addition, the music contains several interesting noises, including a crunchy guitar lead that breaks through the mix, giving it a new dimension.

Steel drums are also heard at the end of the track, adding to the African vibe that permeates the entire mix. Jbwai also digs further into his catchy song, and he doesn’t hold back with his delivery, leaving us yearning to press the replay button once it’s finished. So much so, it pulls us back, and the timeless groove will surely be jiving for a long time to come.

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