Thomas Atlas Turns Up The Heat

Thomas Atlas

Thomas Atlas and his soul/ funk song ‘Turn Up The Heat’ are kicking off the summer season in style. It’s one of many songs from Thomas’ self-titled album, and it’s already a fan favourite!

This new discovery is anthemic and instantly likeable, with a powerful feel-good feeling that is impossible to resist. It picks up with a catchy rhythm right away, as Thomas comes forward to the mic with a happy demeanour. With a crisp tone, he explodes through, and his vocal talent expands as the tune progresses, taking no hostages along the way.

The instrumentation as a whole is quite impressive musically. The drumbeat provides a solid foundation for the track to stand on. The bass comes out like a jack in the box, with a funky flavour that has your feet tapping. Furthermore, the diverse range of sounds ensures that the thrills continue from beginning to end.

Thomas’ ability to incorporate such a diverse range of sounds, including a brass band, while maintaining a crystal-clear mix is astounding. In addition, each instrument has its own space in the property, and each member of his backup band has their own source of light.

Towards the end of ‘Turn Up The Heat,’ the song takes a melodic instrumental turn, culminating in a massive climax that could well be one of the most massive and epic jazzy funk finales to surface in recent memory.

Overall, Thomas Atlas is demonstrating that he is serious about his work. He’s putting his previous touring experience with other major stars to good use. In addition, he stretches his wings well beyond his hometown of Birmingham, with global momentum already gathering.

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