Indie Pop Singer Emma Guzman Releases Introspective Ballad “Clean”

Michigan-based singer-songwriter, Emma Guzman, has released her latest single, “Clean.” The track features music, lyrics, and vocals by Emma Guzman, piano by Greg Beyer, bass by Steve Lehane, drums/percussion by Steve Stetson, production and mixing by Rustbelt Studios, and mastering by Paul Blakemore.

The track journeys through Guzman’s discovery of self love through the heartbreak of loss. Fans of Guzman will not be disappointed with this stripped piano ballad, as she delivers her poetic lyrics with raw, emotional vocals. “‘Clean’ is all about letting go of someone who you thought would be around forever, and learning to be your own best friend in their place,” says Guzman. “Many bitter tears were shed over the words to this song, and it was a lesson in healing for me. I had to fall down hard and pick myself back up again to see that I could be happy on my own without this friend I had lost. I’m still figuring out a way to forgive her, but ‘Clean’ is about forgiving and learning to love myself.”


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