Olly E Releases ‘Rise Above’

Olly E

Olly E is the British musician going it alone with his new release, ‘Rise Above’. Furthermore, the singer-songwriter, who also produces and creates his own material, takes a unique path and generates an aura that sets him apart from his contemporaries.

His voice has a distinct tone, and while he does pick up on subtle influences, he usually maintains his private space. It is refreshing to see a modern artist keep true to their signature quality and not adapt to what others might expect, allowing his individuality to run wild as he progresses through this delivery.

On this track, the music is frequently erratic, with many pauses and starts. It also contains a foot-tapping aspect, which gives his soundscape a new dimension. Furthermore, it appears to switch genres near the end, with a club-filling rhythm and beat before the guitar solo smashes through with a double kick drum boosting the tempo.

Olly speaks about achieving goals and ambitions in the lyrics, which is awe-inspiring. He is adamant about realising his full potential, which he does with this latest release. He also gives a lot of encouragement to others who may be downbeat and thrown off their course.

Overall, ‘Rise Above’ raises the bar with each listen, and Olly E adds a new quality to his discography. Also, based on his prior recordings, he appears to be consistently potent, and it will come as no surprise if he reaches even greater heights in the coming years.

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