Beijing Recording Artist Sophia Venn Debuts English Album “Save Me”

Coming from the China’s capital city, Beijing, recording artist Sophia Venn just released her first English language album, “Save Me”. “Save Me” is a collection of six genre-bending songs from hip-hop to EDM and pop. She recently signed with Ghoust Music Group from Atlanta, Georgia. Check out her debut below and follow Sophia Venn on social media:Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Website

JAYTHEXIX Releases New Single “Moments”

Anjudde Parker, better known by his stage name JayTheXix, is a Bahamian rapper who’s making his way to the top of the game with his melodic rap songs. Multi-talented artist JayTheXix seeks out emotions and the passion for the streets and women of the Bahamas in his relatable songs. Starting his life of music with his “brother” “J.T.J,”in the island of Bimini, Jay was not really sure music was his passion until after his semi-hit song “Party Shots Remix” featuring the Trinidadian artist “Badblood.” Now, he’s elevated his work and…