Glitch Project Grip Us With ‘Wane’

Glitch Project

There must be something in the water in Italy right now. Furthermore, the country has produced some of the most talented alt-pop and indie performers in recent memory. None, though, shine as brightly as Glitch Project, who have returned to work with ‘Wane.’

The female duo’s new song is the upbeat treasure that many have been waiting for in some time. It’s immediately engaging, and the duo’s harmonic delivery grabs like never before. They have a simple way of keeping us close, and they do it consistently throughout their delivery here. They also provide a compelling new framework for their musical performance.

The song begins with a bass line that thuds its way forward. It has an authentic indie vibe that will be familiar to modern music fans, but it’s not every day you hear a tune that starts with this instrument and keeps it playing for a long time before any other sound. Nonetheless, it is a novel approach that pays off promptly.

Federica, who leads the band vocally, surges to the top of the mix once the monstrous bass has had its moment in the spotlight. She is forthright in her voice message and does not hold back in expressing her heartfelt emotions. With a synth arrangement meeting her tone ahead of one of the catchiest indie-pop choruses recently heard, she is influential with her tone and confidence blossoms.

The refrain is the song’s mainstay, and it isn’t easy to get rid of it once it’s lodged in your mind. Not that you would want to.

Listen by clicking here.

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