Julia Thomsen Chills With Tre

Julia Thomsen

Julia Thomsen has a way of catching the audience’s attention time and time again. Her latest collaboration with Tre, ‘Barcelona Summer,’ is no exception, with her lovely production charisma enticing listeners right away.

The latest single is a little different from Julia’s last one in that it digs even deeper into a natural atmosphere. It starts with au natural blossoming, and the sounds of birds pave the way forward. The birds are accompanied by a powerful piano arrangement with a rising synth lead as the mix develops.

Cleverly, the strings get even more elongated as the piece progresses, adding weight to the piano arrangement and transporting the spirit to a world of tranquil beauty. It isn’t quite as emotional as Julie’s other songs, but it still soothes the soul and is ideal for the summer months. It would also be appropriate in the colder months, as it offers something for all occasions.

The warm days that soak up major cities like Barcelona are the idea for this one. It’s a thought-provoking composition that uses a robust basis to open up the imagination in a way that’s difficult to resist. Tre is also one of the most sought after working composers in the industry, and joining Julia appears to be a good option because they work well unitedly.

You can take a listen to ‘Barcelona Summer’ by Julia Thomsen here.

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