Tito Jackson Teams Up With Joe Bonamassa For ‘Under Your Spell’

Tito Jackson

Tito Jackson has us under his spell with his latest album and lead track, ‘Under Your Spell’. The new album is a step ahead for the Jackson 5 member, and he immediately takes the listener on a trip.

The new release sees the music great collaborate with Joe Bonamassa, another music classic. Both of them shine brightly right away, and the synergy between them blossoms as the song unfolds. It starts on the right foot with a bluesy overture that grabs the hips and throws us out of our seats. The guitar riff is initially powerful, making us want to whip out the air guitar.

Tito Jackson appears soon after, delivering a mouth-watering vocal performance. He demonstrates his talent with a rough vocal that is also oozing in genuine zeal, and he leverages his deep tones. Tito speaks about being under the abracadabra of someone he cherishes the most in the narrative. He’s passionate with his language, and his emotions pour out of every note he sings.

Tito and Joe introduce several ideas as the song progresses, and the speed rises in the middle section, leading to a great guitar solo from Bonamassa. He demonstrates why he is the ideal man for the job here, as his smooth guitar tones smack the ears, generating an infusion that you will find difficult to forget.

You can take a listen to ‘Under Your Spell’ by Tito Jackson here.

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