DMV rapper Covaboy Present Deluxe edition of the Silver Sity EP!

Underrated Silver Spring, Maryland (DMV) rapper Covaboy and executive producers Rick Roman and iLL Wonka present the remastered, reimagined deluxe edition of the Silver Sity EP, a seamless blend of Modern Rap and Classic Hip-Hop, with tinges of R&B. Dedicated to his hometown, this updated version of Cova’s debut follows the original EP’s lauded coverage on legendary platforms like Rap Radar, and Dirty-Glove Bastard. Remastered by Randy LeRoy, Grammy-winning senior engineer at Tonal Park Studios, the Silver Sity Deluxe brings new life to tracks like the Black Excellence ballad “Pinky Promise,” hustler’s anthem “S.F.H.” featuring Curren$y, and the love song “Certain” featuring Tracie Josephine. Two new tracks, a catchy “Intermission” and the somber “Die Too Much,” bring a darker tone to the complicated mood of the EP.

Cova had this to say about “Die Too Much”:

Someone stopped me after a candlelight vigil for a friend’s younger brother in White Oak, Maryland and told me to keep rapping. I wrote “Die Too Much” on the car ride back home. That moment motivated me to make more music, and to do things like take a trip to the Hollywood Hills, because I realized that I needed to enjoy life while I still could. This song is about balance and the contrast between the normalized violence in our society and trying to enjoy your limited existence.

The majority of Silver Sity was produced by Rick Roman, who interpolates ’90’s R&B and bassy 808 drums with slower tempos reminiscent of classic Rap, perfectly matching Cova’s stream-of-consciousness bars. Additional producers like iLL Wonka, DillyGotIt, and E Major fit the sound of the project well, with a heavy emphasis on piano and filtered samples. Additional features on Silver Sity include Compton crooner Garren, as well as Maryland artists King Quell and Abdou.

Focusing on influences from artists like Nipsey Hu$$le and Starlito, Covaboy eschews the Trap sound for a modern take on Hip Hop. Making heartfelt music that describes his upbringing, struggle, and hustle, Cova’s catchy punchlines, and stories are perfectly complimented by Roman’s soulful guitar licks, bouncing drums, and memorable sample chops. With tributes to Silver Spring’s exit on the Beltway, the “Hood Trophies” one keeps instead of bankable success, tributes to Black Excellence, and questions about an absent father and senseless violence, the Silver Sity Deluxe Edition is the project for 2021. Stream or buy the EP now on all platforms.

The Deluxe Edition of Silver Sity is the perfect follow-up to a strong first start for Covaboy. The video for “Die Too Much” will drop later this month. Stream Silver Sity today (on all platforms)

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