Noah Lema Releases ‘One For You’

Noah Lema

Noah Lema has the feel-good pop groove with his new track, ‘One For You’, which features Anderton, the vocalist.

The up-and-coming name defies the status quo of modern times, and he gives back to those who relish electronic pop from yesteryear. Furthermore, he has a unique characteristic that would not sit out of place back in the 80s. Prince is a strong influence on his music, and it is apparent that he has grown up listening to the king of pop, too, with plenty of hints to the music great, Michael Jackson.

There isn’t a tremendous amount of change within the track construction. The pathway is somewhat predictable, with the fills arriving when you expect and the refrains and verses following a typical route. Nevertheless, the saxophone in the closing section adds a new flare to the mix, and the character fills the room with an imaginary smoky haze, almost as if you were to step into a dance hall 30 years ago.

Noah concentrates on the production and songwriting on this track, and he investigates his toolkit, playing around with many effects and sequences, which creates an exciting encounter. Anderton, on the other hand, takes the majority of the limelight with his vocal performance. He is astute and inviting, and he also adds a warmth to the mix, which embraces the ears like a warm blanket on a cold evening.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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