The Savagez Drop Twerk Anthem “RICH B*TCH SH*T”

Two Southern Girls killing the game in Los Angeles, The Savagez are now unleashing their newest video full of twerking, cash and debauchery: “RICH B*TCH SH*T!(RBS)” Throughout their young careers The Savagez have developed their energy and presence alongside their musical talent, and as they release this tantalizing visual for turned up track “RICH B*TCH SH*T,” they’re letting the world know they are just getting started!

Call the plug, Imma have him drop the bricks off/ Get it up, I can’t work it when it’s this soft/Yellow diamonds in the Rollie like it’s pissed off/ When I call him on his phone he drop his b*tch off…

“RICH B*TCH SH*T” is the latest in a chart-topping rise for The Savagez, the duo comprised of rappers Kellye and Jet. Since meeting in Los Angeles and discovering they shared roots in the South (Jet grew up in Dallas, Kellye in South Carolina), their chemistry has been unstoppable. After the success of single “On Read,” it was only a matter of time before another bop dropped. As Kellye and Jet have explained,

“The beat for RBS is NOLA-inspired. Being from Dallas, a lot of people moved there from New Orleans after Katrina and we were definitely inspired by their bounce culture…The South is in me. the way I cook, the way I talk, the way I act. Everyone in my family has instilled in me to be a hard worker and be independent.”

That independence and their sultry Southern Belle personas make this video all the more captivating.

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