MXY Releases ‘Mind, Body And Soul’


MXY captivates with her new single ‘Mind, Body, and Soul,’ which sees the British singer-songwriter venture into new territory. It is a comeback single from the singer, and it exceeds all expectations.

The starlet enlightens our senses with an electronic Asian direction that is hard to come across in today’s scene. Furthermore, this new record has a futuristic air that captures our attention right away, but nostalgic aspects emerge along the way for good measure.

It all starts with a top-notch overture, followed by an underground-sounding instrumental that rises to the top of the mix. The beat drops with a resounding thud, and we’re off to a start that has us clinging on for dear life. MXY then appears out of nowhere with a vocal performance that immediately sticks out. She sings in a straightforward style, which benefits the track by adding even more clarity.

MXY sings about her life experiences and gets her message across without ambiguity in her lyrics. She is self-assured and goes deep into the soul, reaching out with treasure. Her message is positive, and it will serve as motivational material for individuals who want to try something new.

Overall, ‘Mind, Body, and Soul’ is unexpected. It is fearless and has a unique point of view that is stimulating. The music is refreshing, and the variety of styles that emerge is fascinating. Similarly, MXY’s vocal delivery is passionate, and she shines brightly from the start.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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