Kingdumb Gets Fruity With New EP


In his latest EP, ‘Fruity,’ Kingdumb expresses his thoughts and views about modern society.

Kingdumb is bringing British electronic to the forefront, dropping bars like they’re going out of style. He creates a retro atmosphere while remaining true to the current setting, and his vision pays off right away. The EP appears to be a quality product, and it stands out in a meaningful way.

From the first track, ‘Fruity,’ the ep is propelled ahead by a pulsing beat. It’s a mix of new and old sounds that results in a post-genre hybrid that’s fun to play. Kingdumb holds his own vocally and delivers an easy-to-understand message. He is finding it difficult to subsist solely on takeout and is in desperate need of some greens. His message is straightforward and upbeat, encouraging us all to take care of ourselves.

The instrumentals on all tracks are clever as they provide the EP with a solid basis that brings passion and emotion to the forefront. It picks up when it needs to, but it lowers back down when a critical message is about to arrive. Additionally, the EP’s varied range of effects and noises keeps the excitement rolling. It’s a refreshing structure from Kingdumb, especially considering how many modern-day electronic tunes recycle the same beat repeatedly.

Overall, ‘Fruity’ is an empowering and robust delivery from the Swindon native. The producer proves himself here as an up and coming star who is ready for something big. As a result, it will be no surprise to witness him reach great heights in the future.

You can take a listen to the ep here.

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