Wayne Dreadski Releases ‘Da Candyman’

Wayne Dreadski

Atlanta reggae and Rnb musician Wayne Dreadski rips through the speakers for all the right reasons with his new release, ‘Da Candyman’.

This new single by Wayne is dripping with zeal from the start, demonstrating his natural talent and ability to captivate the listener. He’s bold with his sound, delving into various genres to create a hybrid vibe unlike anything else in the game right now.

Wayne also combines many techniques, which is refreshing to see a new musician pushing the boundaries. With his musical approach, he is a visionary, and his vision unfolds as he progresses. Moreover, a drum and bass rhythm meets a reggae bass and a vocal rises and pulls hints from some of the greats.

Wayne’s lyrics are passionate, and he discusses reality rather than false perception. Many of the quotes he uses, such as ‘Is She A Pyramid Scheme?’, perfectly sums up his point. This sentence appears to be a metaphor for numerous situations, including relationships that are too good to be true.

Overall, Wayne Dreadski outperforms himself here, and it provides us with a taste of what to expect from his future releases. One thing is sure: Wayne Dreadski is not afraid to go down his own path, and he does so admirably here. Furthermore, it will be no surprise to see him delve even further into a new world in the following months and years.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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