Montefalcone Inspires With New Release ‘Duvet’


With his latest composition, ‘Duvet,’ Montefalcone, the classical virtuoso, does not disappoint. With its enchanting radiance, the jewel reflects every beauty. It’s the first release from Montefalcone to find its way over here, and we’re surprised we haven’t heard it before.

The classical composer who dabbles in neo-classical also gives an insight into current trends. He does not come across as archaic either, which is refreshing. But, he captures plenty of elements that the greats in the genre have managed to find before his time. The piano arrangement in the composition is majestic, and the excellent usage of ascent and descent produces drama while soothing the ears simultaneously.

‘Duvet’ is among the most influential classical tracks of our time. Compared to other new composition releases in the same space, the structure isn’t too out of the box, yet it still provides plenty of distinction. It also gains momentum, the excitement never gets lost, and the original energy is apparent throughout.

So, where does Montefalcone go from here? Hopefully, he continues in the same vein as ‘Duvet’. There seems to be so much more to witness here, and it would be fantastic if the classical composer released a follow-up not only to boost his status in the scene but also to fulfil our appetites!

You can take a listen to this new composition here.

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