Fèroce and Just Isaiah Drop ‘Get To The Money’

Get To The Money

‘Get To The Money,’ a new single by Fèroce and Just Isaiah, is hot off the press. It’s a track that pushes UK Hip Hop to new heights, and the duo do a fantastic job of flying the UK drill flag!

It all starts with a powerful intro that will have you swaying in no time. The rappers then hit the stage with superb vocal performances, singing with a bold tone that transports us away from the madness of modern life.

Musically, the music isn’t a million miles away from other London-based artists who are releasing hits! On the other hand, ‘Get To The Money,’ features a combination of new sounds that add to the duo’s vibrant personality.

Fèroce and Just Isaiah push deeper into their vocal register as the song progresses, and they emerge with an outstanding result. They also push their sound even further into the history books with a unique perspective that is difficult to match anywhere else. However, I wish there were more layers in the voices; I believe it would offer even more stereo impact; however, the tone that resounds in the chorus is infectious, sticking to you like glue.

Overall, ‘Get To The Money’ is a track I’ve been longing for without even realising it. It’s also setting the way for the artists, and I’m looking forward to hearing what more they have up their sleeve.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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