Kenton Place Drop ‘Done With You’

Kenton Place

Kenton Place’s ‘Done With You’ exemplifies how rock is best when played loud. The song is a show-stopper, drawing us in and not letting go once it begins!

The band, which hail from the United States, does not hold back with its forward-thinking outlook. They take cues from some of rock’s biggest stars, but they still manage to carve out a unique niche for themselves! It’s impressive for all the right reasons, and one can only imagine how powerful it’d be at a festival!

The vocals on this tune are magnificent; they scream star quality and give modern fist-rock a new edge! Also, the lyrics are noteworthy, talking about getting over a jerk, leaving them behind, and moving on with life!

You smashed it, Kenton Place! Your rock will live on!

You can listen here.

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