Victoria Moralez Leaps Forward With ‘Colored Transmission Waves’

Victoria Moralez

Wow, I was not expecting this track to blow me away quite as much as it did when I received the new record from Victoria Moralez. It has the good old pop feel, which I have been missing in recent times, so much so I feel the nostalgia flowing through my veins while the track remains current to the modern scene.

‘Colored Transmission Waves’ takes us on a journey; it kicks off with a beat reminiscent of an indie-folk rhythm. The beat pops up, and the vocal greets us soon after jumps out like a jack in a box. Vocally, Victoria is on flying form here, with her hitting the sweet spot on numerous occasions. I relish how she has taken an unorthodox approach with her singing too. It makes for a refreshing listen, especially since having been fed chart music for the last few years, which often sound reasonably generic.

Structurally, anything kind of works here on ‘Colored Transmission Waves’; I enjoy how the singer mixes things up regularly, and the track grips even more profound as it plays out. So much so I could not help but cling to it like a leach with the chorus melody gripping with its infectious charm. But, it is not going to change the world, the track has a unique approach, but it does not sound too dissimilar to what I have heard previously. There are many similarities within the music, and I could not help but find myself drifting between influences. However, it is an unforgettable performance from Victoria, and it opens our eyes even more to this approach of pop.

You can take a listen here.

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