Freelevel Have The New Year Vibes


Freelevel have the New Year fireworks underway, and they aren’t wasting any time in kicking off the 2022 era with their new year single.

The band, who have made enormous strides in the months running up to 2022, have done it again with this track, bringing optimism and joy to all who listen. It’s a reflection of the future, looking ahead with bright eyes and excitedly anticipating the good times to come.

Anna Christoffersson, the group’s lead singer, becomes even more charismatic in this track, her tones blooming as she advances through her delivery. She sings with genuine feeling, and she frequently reflects on the past, but not so that it becomes a sombre experience. Instead, she transforms past occurrences that may not have been buoyant into positive energy, and her passion is evident.

Similarly, the group’s music is of the highest calibre. There is a lot of dynamism between the instruments and all of the sounds on offer, and they all work in unison. Furthermore, each ensemble member gets their own opportunity to shine, demonstrating their ability to hold their own, and they all come together in style.

You can check it out below.

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