Glitch Project Deliver ‘NBR’

Glitch Project

‘NBR,’ Glitch Project’s most recent release, is up there with their most potent of new releases! Glitch Project, the leading females of the alt-pop movement in Europe, are a true example of the skill coming out of Italy right now.

The track is an instant earworm, and the thundering quality it provides is difficult to resist! But, given that there are other tracks in a similar space, it does not push the envelope too much. However, it does pave a new path for the alt-pop genre, with the ladies takings hints but keeping them subtle.

Maida performs the vocals, and, like with previous hits, she seizes the moment with her fantastic tones soaring through the airways! Her storey picks up where the last songs left off, and she speaks passionately about the mind and her own experiences while also allowing us to reflect on our own life.

Federica’s music provides a firm basis for Maida, and their synergy takes things to a whole new level! The music reflects the singer’s mood and adds to the overall experience. Furthermore, the guitars burst through the sound space, accompanying the massive textures that resonate from the synths. The drums have a more noticeable impact on this track than the group’s previous releases. Moreover, their stadium-filling timbre adds even more energy to the mix, and the band’s deeper investigation of alt-pop revitalises the soul for all the right reasons!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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