Rising Canadian Pop Star, Scotty Berg, Releases Anti-Bullying Anthem “You Don’t Have To Be Alone”

Bullying can slowly destroy someone’s self-esteem and rising Canadian pop star, Scotty Berg, is here to speak up about it through his latest song “You Don’t Have to Be Alone.”

According to Public Safety Canada, 47% of parents have a child that has been bullied. This includes cyberbullying as well and at least one-third of the population has experienced bullying as a child.

Scotty’s song is here to show his listeners that their struggles don’t have to be an individual burden, but they will always have someone to lean on and be there if they fall.

“If you’re hurting, feeling sad, or even have suicidal thoughts, just know someone has your back. You are not alone,” Scotty says. “There are 7 billion people on Earth but only one you … so be kind and remember, If you turn the other way, you are part of the problem. Don’t be a bystander.”

Inspired by the anti-bullying and suicide prevention movements in junior high and high school, this emphatic pop banger begins with a soft guitar line and Scotty’s powerful voice. It’s a wise and hopeful song meant to uplift.

“Fans should go away with a sense of hope and inspiration and know there are people that are always there to lend a hand and depend on during the tough times,” Scotty says.

“You Don’t Have to Be Alone” continues to build, adding more and more production of bass, drum machines, but Scotty’s voice is at the forefront. He sings as though he’s been doing this for years, and he’s only 14. He is currently preparing for his performance at the New Nashville Live event during SXSW in Austin, Texas.

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