March 26th: LA Fashion Week Kicks Off featuring Designer Who Dresses Cardi B

As Milan’s Fashion Week closes out at the end of February, California’s largest celebration of fashion, LA Fashion Week, is gearing up for an amazing lineup of full-scale events and shows this year as the restrictions of last year are finally ended. Kicking off this lineup is the 10th annual The Model Experience (TME) Fashion Week Event on March 26th, featuring the glowing talent and community that TME is famous for. 

For over ten years TME has been giving up-and-coming models the chance to walk the runway, work with popular designers and more. It truly provides “the model experience” that aspiring talents need, and with accolades like placements in Vogue and training models and designers who’ve gone on to work with stars like Cardi B, their reputation is golden. This year’s TME fashion show promises to be their best yet, as vendors, DJs, and other entertainment provide the perfect accessories to their epic runway program. Nicknamed “the super bowl of fashion shows,” the TME event will feature dozens of different designers during an entire day of runway collections. Back to back fashion shows all day will be headlined by Project Runway designers Rik Villa and Richard Hallmarq, and celebrity designer Cierra Boyd, creator of the Frisk Me Good Balenciaga sneaker corset made famous by Cardi B.

The Model Experience began as a way for aspiring models of all types to get the kind of supportive guidance that the industry is sorely lacking. As founder Ashley Covarrubias explained in a recent interview, “…there’s a lot of exploitation in the fashion industry. A lot of aspiring models get taken advantage of or struggle to find authentic guidance in a field that can be highly competitive. We started a program where we focus on the models, which is rare because the focus for fashion shows is usually on the designers…we’re inclusive, we’re giving models the opportunity to walk the runway for fashion week who wouldn’t have this opportunity ordinarily because they’re not tall enough or because of their size or skin color. Recently we had a few of our models featured in Vogue who were all people of color and on the shorter side. It’s great to see that our work is making a difference in the industry.”

Celebrity designer Cierra Boyd and Project Runway’s Rik and Richard will be showcasing breathtaking new work on the TME runway, and with such a diverse representation of LA’s strongest modeling talent, THIS is the show that LAFW attendees will be talking about for months to come! For press credentials please complete this application. For further inquiries contact Echo Hattix at 

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