Francesca Luker Releases ‘Promise Land’

Francesca Luker

The brand-new single ‘Promise Land’ by Francesca Luker is out now, and it is a reflection of her creative direction forward as a pop artist. Inspired by luminaries such as Lauryn Hill, Francesca adeptly weaves together entrancing melodies and thought-provoking lyrics into a track that is as poignant as it is catchy.

From the very start, Francesca firmly establishes herself as a breakout. The track also brings a magnetic charm to the table, and the vocals from Luker leave the hairs on the back of the neck propelling skyward. Also, as ‘Promise Land’ progresses, Francesca Luker’s confidence takes on a new bounds and by the time she wraps up her performance, we are back in for more!

You can take a listen here.

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