AJ Whyte Delivers Debut Single ‘You Won’t Hear Me’

AJ Whyte

With the release of ‘You Won’t Hear Me,’ acoustic-pop singer-songwriter AJ Whyte invites us into the musical universe he has created for us. This one is really dang solid, especially when compared to other first releases, and it demonstrates the brilliance that the Rutland-based creator has been hiding behind his sleeve,

Although ‘You Won’t Hear Me’ does not stray too far from what we are hearing in the scene at the moment, there is a significant amount of additional charm there, which enables AJ to stand out in the highly competitive market. He sings with everything he has, and this is something that is noticeable the moment that he reaches out of the speakers.

The ability to make listeners feel as though they are standing in the performer’s shoes is one of the most valuable skills a singer-songwriter can have, and AJ does a fantastic job of giving the audience that impression throughout this piece. Furthermore, he enables us to reflect on our own lives and look back at times when there may have been a difficulty, but we still managed to overcome the barrier and find better moments in our life as a result. While listening to the passionate strumming of the acoustic guitar in the background, his words strike with depth, and they add to the already weighty sensation that one receives from listening to the music.


Listen on Spotify here.

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