Standing By… Debuts “Chaos Theory EP”

Standing By… recently released their new EP, “Chaos theory”. The 6-song EP features stand out singles “Run”, “Billy Joel”, and “VILLAIN”. The east Texas group, comprised of friends Akya, Daylon & Rece flex their lyrical abilities and why they should be listed among the best underground artists of 2022. The underground Texas rap group says that while they want to earn a living with their music, they also want to spread the messages they believe in on the platforms they’re building.

From the moment Akya, Daylon, and Rece became friends, they’ve had their sights set firmly on building a bulletproof legacy in music unlike any other, and in the process, became more than a mere collective – they became family.  Sharpening their skills on the m-i-c, and refining their supreme talents throughout the years to follow, the East Texas-based crew exploded onto the scene in 2022, arriving determined & destined to change the game as they established an extraordinary new standard of verbal excellence in Rap/Hip-Hop that’ll set the trends for the future & severely challenge the rest of the emcees around the world to live up to.  No one goes as hard or does it quite like Standing By… does it – and no one ever will.

When asked to describe their new EP, “Chaos Theory”, the trio says:
“‘Chaos Theory’ is the collective emotions and dreams of everyone who worked on the project, regarding change, to growth, to a new found confidence and certainty. I have yet to get a negative reaction, our fans are real, and real recognizes real,” – Daylon.

“‘CT’ is exactly what the name implies we took a theme of “darker rap” and threw every bit of talent at the wall until it worked the process of making this EP was just chaotic as well so it was just a fitting name” – Akya

To me it’s kinda our we’re here project. Expressing who we are and the frustration of putting in the work and not seeing results while taking pot shots at the mainstream. It’s been good people are excited and giving positive feedback.” – Rece.

The EP is gaining a lot of notoriety for Standing By… who are on a mission to show they are the best underground lyrical rappers.

When asked about their plans for the rest of 2022, Daylon says he wants to De-escalate the pressure for the rest of the year, recharge, and enjoy life. But the group won’t be resting for long because they plan to continue their push early 2023 and to also hit some bigger cities and start performing.

Akya: We’re relaxing while we can even while making the EP we were dropping new songs every month so we gotta let the Dopamine build back up but we’re still rough drafting song but yeah just taking it easy for a bit 

Rece: Take our talents to a bigger city and get started on performing live.

Check out the EP below and follow Standing By… on social media.

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