Minna Ora Releases New Single ‘Wind’

Minna Ora

This month, Minna Ora, the folk-metal vocalist and songwriter from Finland, has blessed us with the release of her newest single, “Wind.” All of the singles from Ora are heading on the same path, which is influenced by a variety of the earth’s components, and she leaves us in a state of awe with her fascinating performance.

You can be confident of one thing when listening to Minna Ora, and that is that she will not do things in half measure. Furthermore, she invests all her time and effort into each release, and it is clear from listening to each track that she puts in a lot to ensure that it is of the highest possible quality, just as she does here. In addition, Minna delves deep with her musical style, and she keeps us glued to our chairs while the tune unfolds.

Minna possesses a style of singing that is distinctively her own, which is one of the most essential qualities needed in an artist if they want to break out of the underground music scene. She delivers her lines with a passionate tone, and her performance makes it easy for us to believe every word she says as she expresses herself through highly poignant lyrics.

The intensity of the music increases during the track, and although it begins pretty calmly, the middle portion is quite the opposite, with all of the sounds merging together to form a wall of sound that causes shivers to travel up and down the spine.

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