Ervin Munir And Tina Blaber Release ‘Pick up the Phone’

Ervin Munir

We got a hot, new single hitting the airwaves, and it’s straight out of Norfolk in England! Singer-songwriter Ervin Munir, who’s been making waves in the folk scene, just dropped his latest gem called ‘Pick up the Phone’ with Tina Blaber.

As soon as that first note hits, we can feel the positive vibes oozin’ out of this song, lifting us up from our chair like a shot of espresso on a Monday morning. Moreover, the music creates a solid impact. But it isn’t just the lyrics that hook us, no siree! The beat’s got a rhythm that has us tappin’ our feet like a madman. Also, the drums have a captivating cadence, and the guitar rhythm keeps us moving to the groove.

Ervin Munir and Tina Blaber’s vocals also blend together like a smooth blend of artisanal coffee beans. Their vocals intertwine, adding layers of emotion and depth to the song. You can tell these two have some serious chemistry going on, and it’s what elevates this track to a new level of quality.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your headphones, crank up the volume, and let Ervin and Tina take you on a voyage you won’t soon forget.

Check it out here.

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