Christie Reeves Releases ‘Thaw’

Christie Reeves

Christie Reeves is a cool cookie, and her new single, ‘Thaw,’ pushes her closer to the forefront of the folk-pop scene.

It is a release that examines our ability to be genuine to ourselves rather than feeling compelled to please those around us. Christie’s narrative is passionate and compassionate, and it will touch many people the moment it begins! Christie Reeves starts in style, reaching for the microphone in fast succession and serenading the ears with grace as she goes!

The song has a pop foundation, but Christie layers it with the most incredible sounds from the folk globe. Furthermore, she takes a similar approach to what other modern legends, such as London Grammer, have done previously, but she still stands out with full discretion. Her vocals are compelling, and her tones blend in well with the beautiful musical backdrop.

The chorus bursts forth with even more vigour, and the cacophony of sounds grabs us and refuse to let us go! Christie surges with vim in the refrain, and the harmonies give even more flair to an already angelic performance. Furthermore, the guitar has a captivating timbre, the drums tap away with a distinct cadence, and the bass creates a movement challenging to resist.

Overall, this is an excellent release by Christie Reeves, and it provides a clear indicator of what to expect from her future releases. Will she, however, take the same path in the future? Only time will tell, but we’re in for a real treat if they’re anything like this one.

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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