Tyler Reese Releases ‘If You Let Me’

Tyler Reese

Tyler Reese is proving to be quite the RnB virtuoso, gifting us with his new release, ‘If You Let Me. The single incorporates many elements from the best in the genre while also standing out with a unique characteristic.

Singing with his all, Tyler Reese leaps out of the mix with passion, and his smooth and calm delivery leads us far from the world around us. His tones blend well with the musical backdrop, which features a gradually rising synth leap, gliding through the soundscape and layering itself on a hip hop beat.

There is a summer feel to this track, and it fills us with sudden heat, that hot energy does not leave us either, and Tyler bolsters the indent as he progresses through his performance. The refrain is as catchy as they come, and his lyrics grab hold of us and do not let go! Furthermore, Tyler speaks about getting straight to the point, wanting to get closer to someone he admires and removing the time-wasting which often occurs when starting a new relationship.

Overall, ‘If You Let Me’ is a smash hit RnB track that will undeniably go far over the next few months. Also, it is a strong indication as to what to expect from Tyler’s future releases, which hopefully will arrive in the not so distant future.

You can listen here.

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