Prior The End Impress With ‘Cutting My Roots’

Prior The End

Prior The End, the German rock band, are back with their new album ‘Cutting My Roots,’ which has caused quite a stir but for the right reasons! It is an album from the forward-thinking band that gives the back of the neck chills!

‘Rage & Static’ is the first track on the album. It takes a while to get going, but it’s all guns blazing once it does! The drums pound with a tremendous bite, accompanied by piercing guitar riffs that remind us why this form of music never fails to impress! The vocals then shout outward, tying us to our seats and keeping us there for the 12 track adventure.

Track three, ‘Time Forget Itself,’ brings nostalgic rock back to the foreground while maintaining a fresh and modern texture. The vocals flow effortlessly through the speakers, and the thought-provoking tale touches home, frankly discussing time and life in general.

‘No Skin’ begins with a harrowing overture featuring a menacing breathing vocal. The structure arrives slightly different from the previous numbers, and it stops and starts frequently, changing its path. The refrain is magnificent, and one can only imagine how amazing it would sound live.

‘Mark It Zero’ has a difficult to ignore rhythm, and the shrieking vocals synergize with the stabbing drum strikes. The guitars also breathe new life into the encounter, and the combined force of all band members leaves a lasting impression on the soul.

You can listen here.

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