Von Venn Captivate With ‘Ghost’

Von Venn

With their latest release, ‘Ghost,’ off the ‘Jeanie Is Out’ album, Von Venn, the Irish indie-rockers, send a shockwave across the scene.

They smash through the noise of the scene and stand out with their own intrinsic traits, influenced by the greats in the game while maintaining their inspirations subtle! Furthermore, ‘Ghost’ contains a variety of components that are not all readily apparent elsewhere, and the band brings them all together to produce a hybrid that creates a remarkable earworm experience!

The single opens with a cinematic beginning, with a guitar lead driving the road forward alongside Gary Cox’s primary vocal. Gary gets right to the point with his comments, reflecting on an empty space and examining the sentiments that come with losing something valuable.

Musically, there’s a 90s indie-rock vibe going on, but it’s not a carbon copy of something that was popular in the previous decade. More importantly, the project forges its own course forward, and it is beautiful to see the group avoid any type of conformity. The refrain is massive, as Gary unleashes a melody that lingers in the mind long after it ends.

Also, the instrumental features a lot of guitars, and the guitar gets a lot of airtime as the song goes, sending shivers down the back in the middle. Furthermore, it provides a tone that soothes the ears and reminds us why this genre of music is so inspiring!

You can take a listen to this new single here.

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