Voodoo Rays Release New Album, ‘Empire’

Voodoo Rays

The latest album by Voodoo Rays, ‘Empire’, breathes new life into the indie-rock genre. The record ventures into uncharted territory while ostensibly continuing the work of previous greats.

The first tune, ‘chantal’, on the 10-song album ‘Empire’ is a fierce opener that immediately breaks down barriers. The guitars reverberate in the background, the bass riff is front and centre, and the music is driven forward by a relentless drum beat. A distinctive vocal stands out against a hazy background, creating an atmosphere reminiscent of Glasvegas.

About three songs in, ‘Ebbing’ introduces a catchy groove to the forefront, and the record’s raw quality holds us rapt. The production’s plethora of sounds gives off a retro feel and carves a niche for itself. The aesthetic demonstrates that independent music thrives when left raw, allowing the original sound and energy to shine through during the recording process.

We’ve reached ‘Nowish’ six tracks into the new album. The song’s unconventional structure is what makes it so unique. A diatonic vocal emerges after being guided by a guitar lead. The music also frequently pauses to give the vocalist a moment to catch his breath before picking up where it left off.

‘Empire’ is the album’s closing cut. In its duration of 6 minutes, this bass-heavy track packs a lot of punch. It’s a great way to close out the record and a good reminder of why indie music is timeless.

You can take a listen here.

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