Kingdumb Drops New Track ‘Do It Like Me’


‘Do It Like Me,’ by the English producer Kingdumb, is bringing the intensity level up to a new high, and we love it! The track’s explosive quality is irresistible, and the moment the bass drops, we feel ourselves rising off the ground and bursting forth alongside the mix’s piercing bite!

Throughout the past few years, Kingdumb has steadily risen through the ranks of the scene, and he is getting better with each new effort he puts out. Also, a great thing about him is that you can never really predict what he will come up with next, which is evidenced by his most recent tracks showing he is storing many ideas up his sleeve. Furthermore, ‘Do It Like Me’ pushes the boundaries of his exploration even further, showcasing a newfound quality that helps him cut through the noise of his peers.

This song really gets your blood pumping because of all the catchy hooks and intricate textures crammed into it. The music is also continuously evolving and frequently takes unexpected twists and turns. For example, the massive drop will frequently take a backseat to make room for other parts in the mix to take centre stage. Despite this, the power is quickly restored, and several drops and booms reemerge as it develops!

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