Kingdumb Releases Summer Hit ‘Sun Blinging’


Kingdumb’s latest release ‘Sun Blinging’ is a refreshing divergence from his usual style, and it certainly commands attention. Known for pushing boundaries with each new track, the Swindon-based producer has delivered yet another groundbreaking piece of electronic music with this one.

The track boasts a funky vibe while still remaining faithful to Kingdumb’s signature electronic sound. The foundation of the track is filled with feel-good energy, and the lyrics beautifully reflect the beauty of summer days and nights.

‘Sun Blinging’ is a testament to Kingdumb’s versatility and creativity as a producer. It is evident that the artist is not afraid to take risks and explore new directions in their music, and the result is a track that is both fun and inspiring. This release is sure to be a hit with fans of electronic music and anyone looking for a catchy summer anthem.

Also, ‘Sun Blinging’ is a fantastic addition to Kingdumb’s already impressive catalog of music.

You can listen here.

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