Thomas Cole Releases ‘Up In Smoke’ Featuring Electropoint And Rudy Bundini (Visuals)

Thomas Cole

Thomas Cole is an artist who exudes a captivating energy, and his latest release, the dance-pop anthem ‘Up In Smoke’, is a testament to his talent. Collaborating once again with the acclaimed producer Electropoint, who has consistently delivered exceptional results for Thomas in the past, this dynamic duo brings forth an infectious track that is sure to set dance floors ablaze.

Accompanying the song is an impeccably crafted music video that perfectly captures the essence and mood of the track. Set in a vibrant bar in the heart of New York City, the visuals provide a mesmerizing backdrop for Thomas Cole’s electrifying performance. Adding an extra layer of allure to the video is the appearance of renowned model Rudy Bundini, whose presence enhances the overall appeal of the visual experience.

With ‘Up In Smoke’, Thomas showcases his strong vocal prowess, leaving listeners awe-struck by his commanding delivery. Through heartfelt lyrics, he candidly expresses his thoughts on the importance of steering clear from the wrong path, especially when faced with temptations that seemingly emerge out of nowhere. Thomas Cole fearlessly bares his soul, using his music as a means to convey a powerful message of self-preservation and resilience.

This captivating single serves as a testament to Thomas Cole’s growth as an artist, solidifying his position as a rising star in the dance-pop scene.

You can watch the video featuring Rudy Bundini below.

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