Kingdumb Releases New Track ‘Ecstasy’


Hailing from Swindon, the music producer known as Kingdumb is far from content with mediocrity; consistently surpassing expectations with his work. His latest offering, ‘Ecstasy’, a dynamic club-inspired track, showcases his hard studio work. Melding charismatic electronic nuances with nostalgic undertones, this one is one to savour!

The tempo of ‘Ecstasy’ flows in a laid-back cadence, its intricate auditory aura leading us into delightful disarray. Kingdumb delves deep into his creative reservoir, emerging with an infectious enthusiasm that pervades the track. As an artist who has consistently unveiled exceptional tracks over the past years, he continues to elevate his already impressive portfolio.

One also cannot overlook the contribution of the vocals that harmoniously meld to the instrumentation, enhancing the song’s weight. The allure of ‘Ecstasy’ also lies not only in its electronic foundation but also in its infusion of hip-hop and diverse stylistic elements, culminating in a truly unique auditory encounter.

Check it out here.

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