Artinho And Matrace Unleash ‘Carnage’


UK-based, Artinho has collaborated with Matrace to create the explosively enthralling ‘Carnage’. The tune has a captivating vitality that is immediately apparent. An immersive, attention-grabbing soundscape is created when a resonant sample is fused with a pulsing bass hook.

A rising talent in the UK rap scene, Artinho, displays his skills with ease. Moreover, he goes against the grain; his work is a reflection of his unique approach. His words carry weight and relevance, touching a wide range of listeners. Also, his lines reveal a story that digs deep into the complexities of life. The music builds to a thrilling climax, bringing together themes of personal strife and the carnage all around us.

Matrace is also on top form, and he smashes through the airwaves with a production quality that rivals some of the best players in the game right now.

You can listen here.

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